DocTalk 2021 - Volume 8 Issue 3

By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services

Welcome to Renewal Season 2021! 

If you haven’t already, you will be receiving a notice shortly to begin the Annual Renewal Cycle, both for your Licence and if applicable, your Corporation Permit.  The email notices you receive this year will include all the information you need to get started with renewal.

Also, in an effort to improve your renewal experience, we have been working closely with our Vendor to implement and test improvements based on the feedback we received from you last year.

Some improvements we hope you will observe through your renewal experience this year include:

  • Earlier and more frequent renewal reminders,
  • More streamlined questions to improve ease of answering,
  • Notations included within the platform to assist you in answering questions,
  • Improved web browser capability and form loading speed
  • Improved payment processes



By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services
  Wondering what to do about renewal if you are not planning to practice next year? 

Please contact the College to discuss your best options in advance of Renewal. Please call (306) 244-7355 during office hours (8:30am – 4:30pm) and ask to speak to someone in Registration about your Renewal or email




By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services
  Congratulations, you passed!  Now what?

If you have recently sat a certifying exam and have received results of your exam, please reach out to the College to let us know!  The sooner we are made aware of your exam results, the sooner we can take action on your licensure status if required.

For physicians who are under supervision, please reach out to and for those who just finished programs and are not under supervision, please reach out to



By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services
  What's the Scoop with Supervision? 

What does Supervision involve?  Who pays for supervision?  What if I want to move during my Supervisory period?  READ MORE




Have you moved recently?

Whether it's your personal residence or your clinic practice, please remember to reach out to the College to keep your correspondence and office address contact information up to date. This helps to ensure you do not miss any critical communications sent out by the College and helps to ensure information remains accurate for patients, partners and funders through the use of the Physician Directory that the College maintains!

 Update contact information