DocTalk 2022 - Volume 9 Issue 3
November 2022

By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services
  Changes to Supervision for physicians graduating from the SIPPA Program

In the spring of 2022, the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) program obtained funding from the Ministry of Health to expand its responsibility to oversee the completion of the Clinical Field Assessment (CFA) through to completion of the Supervised Practice Period. The SIPPA program will officially assume its newly expanded role as of January 2023.

CPSS and SIPPA have been working closely throughout the fall to ensure there is a seamless transition for those who will newly participate in the supervised practice period under the guidance and support of SIPPA.

To read more about the transition, please click here.



By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director,
Registration Services
  Quick Note about Renewal Season

Thank you for completing our Renewal Survey!  With your consent, we have been reaching out to learn more about your experience, based on comments you have left within the survey.  We are very appreciative of the additional insight we are gaining through these follow up emails as this helps us to better understand the types of things that are leading to unnecessary confusion or frustration. Your feedback is helping us to plan for a more positive renewal experience. 

Thank you and please keep your feedback coming!




By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director,
Registration Services

Thinking about taking some time away from practice?

Everyone needs time away from the day-to-day grind of work to restore their energy. This is even more so for those who work in helping professions. You may also be thinking about taking time away from practice to study and prepare for examinations. 

If you are currently licensed on a Provisional with Restrictions Licence, we would like to remind you to please notify the CPSS if you are planning to take some time away from your clinical practice.  A condition of your provisional with restrictions licence is that you are practising at all times under supervision (Bylaw 2.6 (ww)).

You can make a request to the Registrar to temporarily suspend this condition, if the Registrar feels it is appropriate to do so.  If you do not request permission for time away from practice while working on a Provisional with Restrictions licence, you could be at risk of having your licence suspended.

You can submit your request for time away by emailing


By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director,
Registration Services

Residents planning to moonlight during the academic year

Just a quick reminder that Residents can obtain an endorsement for their Educational Licence to provide moonlighting coverage during the following periods throughout the academic year:

  • May 1 to October 31
  • November 1 to April 30

Residents must obtain permission from their Program Director with the Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) Office.  To request an application form please email at the PGME office.

Please also note that your Moonlighting endorsement is time-limited and will be ended by the timeframes noted above or earlier if deemed required by the Program Director.

You can find more information about moonlighting on the CPSS website, found here.

Or if you have any questions about moonlighting you can email or call the CPSS main office at (306) 244-7355




Have you moved recently?

Whether it's your personal residence or your clinic practice, please remember to reach out to the College to keep your correspondence and office address contact information up to date. This helps to ensure you do not miss any critical communications sent out by the College and to ensure information remains accurate for patients, partners and funders through the use of the Physician Directory that the College maintains!

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