DocTalk 2022 - Volume 9 Issue 4
December 2022

By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services
  Renewal Status Update – where are we now? 

Thank you for completing your 2022 renewals! The CPSS would like to give a special shout out to those of you who agreed to be early-bird testers, to help us make sure our online systems were in working order for the October launch windows. This year, we had:

  • 81% of physicians submit their Licence renewal form by the November 1 deadline.
  • 78.6% of physicians submit their corporate permit renewal form by the November 15 deadline.

Thus far, over 320 physicians have taken the time to complete the brief renewal feedback survey. We thank you as this survey provides us with important feedback to drive continued improvements each year.

Based on your feedback to date, we have identified the following opportunities to explore for 2023:

  • Add a button within the physician renewal platform to allow revalidation dates to be changed if what is shown is incorrect.
  • Improve clarity on which option to select if a physician does not fit cleanly into the specialist or family physician revalidation options.
  • Add a button to select “Documents previously submitted to CPSS” for certain sections of the form where it makes sense.
  • Explore option to email the renewal Confirmation page, rather than have it display on the webpage, which can be difficult to print.
  • Continue to improve explanations on some of the more legally-worded questions and provide more examples related to questions including scope, custody and control of records and exposure-prone procedures.


We look forward to continuing to improve the annual licensure experience and strive for it to be an easy and stress-free process to undertake.


By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director,
Registration Services
  Licensure Renewal Myth Busting

What is the distinction between Active and Inactive licensure?

Active status means you will be or plan to be engaged in active medical practice in the province.  Inactive status means you do not intend to engage in active practice in the province.  If you plan to retire but wish to stay on the CPSS Register, you should select ‘Inactive’.  You can maintain an inactive licence within the province for $100 or outside of the province for $300.


If I don’t plan to renew my licence for the coming year, do I still need to complete the online renewal I receive?

Yes, you may wish to click the renewal link you receive by email from the CPSS and select ‘I wish to retire at the end of the year and/or wish my registration to lapse’ on the first page and then submit it at no cost, to remain in good standing.


Do I need to submit a credit summary to CPSS every year to confirm my enrollment in a revalidation program for Renewal?

No, we only require that you upload your Completion Certificate at the end of each 5-year renewal cycle.  You will be prompted by the renewal system to upload a Completion Certificate, which you can obtain from either the College of Family Physicians of Canada MainPro+ Program or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Maintenance of Certification Program. If you are not prompted by the system, then you do not need to upload and/or email us anything.

Please note: With the extensions that were provided during Covid, some of the dates in our system may be incorrect. As such, you may have been directed this year to upload a credit summary document, so that you could correct your revalidation dates. In future years, we will have an option for you to correct dates. We apologize for any confusion created by this year’s revalidation process.


Do I need to email documents related to complaints, investigations, civil claims, judgments, etc. if I’ve already submitted them the year before and nothing has changed?

No. If you have submitted documents in the previous year and nothing has changed, you do not need to resubmit or re-upload.


If I have had an inquiry or investigation that resulted in a decision that an allegation is not proved, do I still need to declare it?

No.  As noted in the explanation of question 2, the CPSS does not inquire about investigations that have resulted in a decision that the allegation was not proved.


If I have or have had a complaint that was managed through Quality of Care Advisory Committee with CPSS or the Alternate Dispute Resolution Process through the SHA, do I need to declare it?

No. As noted in the explanation of question 2, you do not need to report these complaints.  However, you are required to report complaints in jurisdictions outside of Saskatchewan, as well as complaints within Saskatchewan if they are addressed by a discipline process within the SHA or the CPSS. 


If I have had a criminal investigation that resulted in a decision to withdraw the charge or a decision that I am not guilty, do I need to declare it?

No, but you do need to report any other criminal arrest or charge within the past two calendar years that is not resolved or has resulted in a finding other than acquittal or withdrawal.


Even if I don’t perform Exposure Prone Procedures (EPPs), assist in performing EPPs or have the potential of performing EPPs, do I need to monitor my blood borne virus status?

 As set out in the policy Blood-borne Viruses: Screening, Reporting and Monitoring of Physicians/Medical Students, the CPSS encourages all physicians/medical students to know their serological status for blood-borne viruses including Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV), and/or Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  The CPSS also recommends that all physicians/medical students should be immunized for HBV, unless contraindicated or there is evidence of prior immunity.  However, if you do not engage in or have the potential to engage in EPPs within your medical practice, you do not need to report a seropositive status to the CPSS.


If I do perform EPPs, assist in performing EPPs, or have the potential of performing or assisting in EPPs, do I need to monitor my blood borne virus status?

Yes.  If you perform EPPs, assist in performing EPPs or have the potential to perform or assist in performing EPPs within your practice, then you must be tested for HCV and HIV every three years, and must be tested annually for HBV unless confirmed immune to HBV, as required by the policy. 



By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director,
Registration Services

Congratulations on passing your Exam! Now, what do you do?

If you have recently sat a certifying exam and have received results of your exam, please reach out to the CPSS to let us know.  The sooner we are made aware of your exam results, the sooner we can take action on your licensure, if required.

For physicians who are under supervision, please reach out to and for those who recently finished programs and are not under supervision, please reach out to


By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director,
Registration Services

Calling all Residents who are Completing Training in 2023!

If you are a Resident that will be completing your training in 2023, we strongly encourage you to submit your Licensure application early, during the months of January to March 2023. This will help to ensure Registration Services has sufficient time to obtain all the documentation needed to issue licensure, come July. You do not need the results of your specialty exams to apply.

To apply for a licence

  • Log into your Physiciansapply Account.
  • Submit an “Application for Medical Registration” (AMR) to Saskatchewan.
    • Located on the left-hand side menu of the home screen.
  • You do not get the option to choose a licence type on your application form.
  • The application fee is $500 + $25 GST. This is non-refundable and paid directly to Medical Council of Canada (MCC).

Once you have submitted your application, we will confirm with you by email once it is released to us for review. Once we have reviewed your application, we will be in contact with you again via email to request any additional documentation that we will need to determine eligibility for licensure.

If you have any questions about completing the AMR or about licensure, you can reach out to the Registration Services Department at the CPSS at 306-244-7355 or by email at



Have you moved recently?

Whether it's your personal residence or your clinic practice, please remember to reach out to the College to keep your correspondence and office address contact information up to date. This helps to ensure you do not miss any critical communications sent out by the College and to ensure information remains accurate for patients, partners and funders through the use of the Physician Directory that the College maintains!

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