Consultation Opportunity


Patient Physician Relationships 

The Council of the College has approved in principle changes to the Guideline on Patient Physician Relationships.  The Council has split the guideline into two policies and one guideline as follows: “Guideline – Establishing the Patient Physician Relationship”, “Policy – Ending the Patient Physician Relationship” & “Policy – Physicians/Surgeons Leaving Practice.”

Given the broad scope of the proposed policies and guideline, the Council directed that the proposed policy be widely circulated to physicians, health care organizations and the public to seek feedback.


The Guideline - Patient Physician Relationships came up for sunset review in September 2021.  The Council appointed a committee to consider amendments to the guideline and splitting up the lengthy guideline into three separate documents. 

There were several reasons for splitting the guideline up.  Splitting the document up into three separate documents would make it easier to search and to find the applicable sections.  It was also felt that having three more concise documents with more headings would make it easier to read.  

The committee proposed that the document on establishing the patient physician relationship should only be a guideline, whereas the documents on ending the patient physician relationship and physicians/surgeons leaving practice should be policies.  Drafts of the guideline and two policies were approved in principle by the Council in January 2022. 

The guideline on establishing the patient physician relationship sets out the College’s position with respect to the initial family physician office visit, emergencies, specialists, and the office visit generally.  The policy on ending the patient physician relationship sets out the College’s expectations when ending the relationship, circumstances when a physician must not discharge the patient and includes a sample letter for discharging a patient. The policy on physician/surgeons leaving practice includes a link to the CPSS Leaving Practice Guide and discusses the topics of notification, continuity of care, medical records, emergency practice closure, and sudden death or illness.

Consultation Request

The Council anticipates that it will consider feedback from stakeholders, including members of the profession, at its meeting on June 17, 2022.  The Council would like to hear from you! 

If you have concerns with the proposed guideline and policies, it would be helpful if you explain the reasons for those concerns.

The draft documents up for consultation are:

1) GUIDELINE  - Establishing the Patient Physician Relationship
2) POLICY - Ending the Patient Physician Relationship
3) POLICY - Physicians/Surgeons Leaving Practice


How to Respond 

In order for the College to consider feedback and correlate feedback for the Council in time for the next Council meeting, all feedback should be provided to the College no later than April 1, 2022.

Please complete the three (3) short surveys linked below:

1) Establishing the Patient Physician Relationship

2) Ending the Patient Physician Relationship

3) Physicians/Surgeons Leaving Practice

Each survey is expected to take approximately 3 minutes to complete.

Feedback can also be provided to