GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-14  Values Re: Complaint Resolution

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: June 25, 2016

In GP-14 “complaints” refers to concerns expressed to the College about the conduct or performance of members, by whatever means those are addressed by the College.

Council is committed to ensuring that in the process of resolving complaints justice is done and justice is seen to be done.

Accordingly, all processes shall ensure fairness and equity to both complainant and respondent, and the observation of due process and the principles of natural justice, specifically:

1.   Ease of access to the complaints process.

2.   Timely response and resolution.

3.   Fair opportunity for both sides of an issue to be heard.

4.   Deliberation by individuals who are competent and knowledgeable regarding the issue being decided.

5.   Due diligence in consideration of the issue.

6.   Consistent treatment of similar cases.

7.   Transparency in the process used.

8.   Cost-effectiveness in the process used, provided that none of the other principles are violated.