Emergency Licensure 

Dr. Karen Shaw, the College’s Registrar, has made a declaration of an emergency under bylaw 2.18 to expedite licensing physicians who were licensed to practise in Saskatchewan within the past three years. This has been done to ensure there are no barriers to physicians who come forward to assist the healthcare system in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The emergency declaration means that such physicians will only be required to complete a simplified application form (available from Registration Services) and obtain coverage through Canadian Medical Protective Association. 

Emergency licences will be issued at no cost to the physician. The Emergency declaration also waives the requirement for the physician to produce a Certificate of Professional Conduct if they have practised in another province.

Canadian Medical Protective Association has advised that they will priorize reinstatement of CMPA coverage for individuals who have been inactive.

UPDATED: COVID-19 Emergency Scope of Practice Expansion Letter and Application Form (April 22, 2020)


Relevant CPSS Policies

REGULATORY BYLAW 2.18: Emergency Licensure (p. 28)
GUIDELINE: Physicians and Health Care Emergencies