Last update: Apr 16, 2020

PIP e-Prescriptions during the Pandemic

Important Update for Physicians (including Residents) wishing to sign up for the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) to provide e-prescriptions

NOTE: The original Instructional Letter and the User Guide were forwarded to active CPSS members via email on April 9, 2020.

The following 5 points are important (see details below):

  1. 1.  JSAP documentation not being returned to eHealth
  2. 2.  Residents applying to use PIP
  3. 3.  Additional Information required on each electronically generated Script in the “SIG instruction” field
  4. 4.  Pharmacist request
  5. 5.  DO NOT USE “save and print” option after creating an e-prescription, just use “SAVE”

1.  JSAP documentation not being returned to eHealth:

  • There are some physicians who have signed up for PIP with eHealth, and have not returned the Joint Services Access Policy to If you have trouble printing, signing and faxing/e-mailing, or are not physically able to print/complete & sign/send the original JSAP form to the AMS team, please e-mail them and they will reach out to you.

2.  Residents applying to use PIP:

  • AMS is now ready to process pending and future Resident physician requests. Residents will have requirements in the “sig instructions” field for all electronic prescriptions (see below).

3.  Additional Information required on each electronically generated script for ALL physicians:

  • TRAINING LEVEL (residents) and
  • MRP (residents)

In summary, the prescription details to be added in the “Sig Instructions field include the following information for electronic prescriptions created in the PIP:

A. For Residents :

  1. 1. Training Level (Required for Residents)
  2. 2. Most Responsible Physician (Required for Residents)

 B. For All Physicians: 

  1. 1. Prescriber Address (Required for all physicians)
  2. 2. Prescriber Contact (Required for all physicians)

The process and example prescription is provided again below:


Step 1

Step 2


Sample image of the final electronic prescription:


4.  Pharmacist request:

  • To ensure ongoing physical distancing measures in community pharmacies, physicians are being asked to tell their patients to contact their community pharmacy and alert them when a new prescription has been prescribed, in all cases and in particular when prescribed through PIP.
  • PIP holds each prescription in a cloud, accessible by all pharmacies in the province. As a result, pharmacies do not receive a notification when a prescription is posted in PIP.
  • To reduce and in some cases eliminate visits to the community pharmacy, physicians are reminded to inform patients:
    • patients should contact their community pharmacy of choice to alert them of the new prescription;
    • allow the pharmacy time to fill it and arrange for safe pick up or delivery.
  • Please include a contact number (cellphone) on the PIP scripts, if any information is needed or concerns arise, the Pharmacist will need to be able to contact the Prescriber ASAP.


5.  DO NOT USE “save and print” option after creating an e-prescription, just click “SAVE

This will impact your patient’s ability to get the prescription printed and filled at the dispensing pharmacy (the prescription is only able to be printed once for security reasons). Therefore, only use the “save” option after creating an e-prescription. Similarly, DO NOT print pending Rx for the prescriptions you have created on the PIP.


Useful Links:

SMA: Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

eHealth Saskatchewan: Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP)

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health: Pharmaceutical Information Program


For assistance registering for PIP: Contact Access Management Services at eHealth


For other information or assistance regarding PIP: Contact the Service Desk

Toll Free: 1-888-316-7446