Last update: May 8, 2020

PRP/OATP Prescribing during COVID-19

COVID-19 Outbreaks in Northern Saskatchewan // Spike in Overdose Presentations in SK Emergency Rooms (May 5, 2020)

UDS Drug Screens:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory (RRPL) will be performing Comprehensive “Drugs of Abuse” Screens based on set criteria.  The UDS Criteria during COVID-19 form must be filled out and attached to the requisition when ordering a screen.  If you have any questions, please contact the RRPL at 306-787-3131.  (Apr 17, 2020)

Criteria for Medically Necessary RRPL comprehensive Drugs of Abuse Screen during COVID-19 (SHA) (Apr 17, 2020)

OAT in Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic (OATP) (Apr 8, 2020)

The Dangers of Street Methadone (Poster/Handout for patients) (Apr 8, 2020)

Additional Support

Health Canada Toolkit: COVID-19 and Substance Use

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential not to lose sight of the ongoing public health crisis causing overdoses and substance use harms. As we do all that we can to provide the highest quality of care during this stressful time, some patients are not accessing care and missing essential chronic disease follow-up. This can have detrimental effects for those struggling with mental health illnesses and substance use disorders. Overdoses are on the rise and we must work together to ensure that access to high quality treatment is more readily available than the contaminated illicit street supply of drugs.

In an effort to support our most vulnerable patients, Health Canada has compiled some useful resources regarding substance use disorders and chronic pain in the context of COVID-19. Please take some time to review some of the information in this useful toolkit


Medication Assessment Centre (MAC) Interprofessional Opioid Pain Service

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medication Assessment Centre (MAC) at the University of Saskatchewan has created a platform for online patient assessments using a secure HIPA compliant virtual patient visit platform, maintaining availability of its services to all Saskatchewan residents during the pandemic.

The MAC iOPS (Medication Assessment Centre Interprofessional Opioid Pain Service) is a new service that delivers individualized, patient-centred chronic pain management. The MAC iOPS team consists of pharmacists who have training and experience in chronic pain management who collaborate with a physician with an established practice in chronic pain.

MAC and MAC iOPS continue to offer the following services for people across Saskatchewan, at no charge to patients:

  1. 1. Comprehensive medication assessments
  2. 2. Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia
  3. 3. Interprofessional chronic pain and opioid management/tapering

For more information and a referral form, please visit the MAC website.