Overview: Patient Care and Physician Billing

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan is responsible to ensure the quality of care delivered by physicians to Saskatchewan patients by ensuring physicians abide by the Code of Ethics, Bylaws, Policies, Standards and Guidelines. 
 At times, this may include aspects of billing procedures.

The Joint Medical Peer Review Committee (JMPRC) is a committee of the Medical Services Branch (MSB), which is a division of eHealth Saskatchewan.  It reviews billing patterns of physicians referred by the Director of Professional Review of the Ministry of Health and in cases where they determine that monies have been paid by the Minister inappropriately, they may order recovery from the physician.

Although quality is not a mandate of the JMPRC, if questions arise about the quality of the services provided during an audit, the JMPRC refers the matter to the CPSS.  In recent months, many cases have been referred to the CPSS from the JMPRC. 

It is imperative that physicians know what documentation is required, appropriate billing practices, the process for new insured services, and what occurs with the payment integrity audit.  Please take the time to review the following JMPRC documentation sheets regarding the mandate of the JMPRC, its integrity audit processes, and information on billing and documentation.

To get started with the MSB, the College highly recommends for physicians to register at no charge for the MSB Online Billing Course

Billing Bulletin No. 2 (April 1, 2019)

Billing Information Sheets

Documentation Requirements for the Purposes of Billing (03/19)
Joint Medical Professional Review Committee (JMPRC) (03/19)
Payment Integrity (Audit) (03/19)
Physician Billing Obligations Package (03/19)
Requesting Changes to the Payment Schedule (03/19)