Moonlighting on an Educational Licence

Last Update: April 2021

An endorsement on the educational licence to moonlight may be issued for the following periods:

     -  May 1 - October 31 
     -  November 1 - April 30

Residents who plan to provide moonlighting coverage during the academic year must obtain permission from the Program Director at the Post-graduate Medical Education (PGME) Office. To request application forms and instructions, contact Yvonne Siermacheski, PGME Electives & Administrative Processes, at

Contact CPSS Registration Staff at to request application forms and instructions.  Interested applicants will need to complete and submit the following documents:

College of Medicine Moonlighting Application Form
- this form must be signed by the Program Director and the Associate Dean Postgraduate Medical Education

CPSS Moonlighting Endorsement for Intern/Resident Licence
- to be signed by the Program Director

Position Description
- provided by the College of Medicine

Required Competencies Checklist
- signed by the Program Director

Moonlighting Practice Plan
- signed by the moonlighting supervisor

- shared in

Once the above requirements/documents are assembled and approved by the CPSS, the resident will receive a request for the following :

CPSS notarized educational endorsement application form
Fees for the endorsement

Insurance undertaking
The resident will be required to provide a copy of their CMPA coverage to the CPSS within 30 days of licensure.

A notarized copy of your valid driver’s licence or passport


  • Once your application is complete, please allow sufficient time for processing by Registration Services.  
  • Registration Services is unable to guarantee issuance of a licence by a particular date.
  • Residents can only begin moonlighting once they have received confirmation of licence registration by email from the CPSS.