Conference Agenda


Presentation Title   Presenter
 Methadone Standards and Guidelines  Dr. Morris Markentin
 Addiction, the Brain and Recovery   Dr. Gerald Block
 The Process of Addiction: Recovery Informed Treatment  Dr. Peter Butt 
 Opioid Substitution Therapy: Risks & Benefits            
 Dr. Leo Lanoie
 Carries - A Therapeutic Approach  Dr. Peter Butt
 Patient Assessment  Dr. Morris Markentin
 Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics  Dr. Wilna Wildenboer
 Urine Drug Screening  Dr. Larissa Pawluck
 The Role of the Pharmacist  Kirsty Carlson
 Professionalism  Brenda Senger
 O.A.R.S.  Dr. Erin Hamilton/
Kent Lindgren/
Jessica Gardipy 
 Managing Comorbidities  Dr. Morris Markentin
 Pain Management for the Methadone/Suboxone Treated Patient  Dr. Leo Lanoie
 Opioid Substitution and Pregnancy  Dr. Lexy Regush
 Mental Health and Addiction Care  Dr. Stefan Brennan
 Discontinuation:Voluntary & Involuntary Withdrawal  Dr. Peter Butt
 Saskatchewan Opioid Substitution Therapy Guidelines and Standards