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 From the President & Registrar  

  Physician and System Resilience - May Saskatchewan Continue to be Collaborative in its Responses
December 2022

By: Dr. Karen Shaw, Registrar & CEO, CPSS

Saskatchewan remains collaborative in its efforts to attract and retain physicians. Canada is short of healthcare workers, including physicians.  What is happening across the country is nothing short of a scramble to attract and retain physicians and other workers by a variety of mechanisms (monetary incentives, legislative changes, lowering standards etc.)

Legally Speaking

December 2022
By Evan Thompson, CPSS Legal Counsel

Consent and Privacy Issues with Mature Minor Patients

What is the distinction between a child and a "mature minor".  What can physicians disclose to parents about their child or youth's personal health information?   READ MORE    

Also in this issue:

Amendments to OATP Standards and Guidelines/Policy re Buprenorphine/naloxone prescribing for MAINTAINING (Non-Initiating) Physicians for Opioid Use Disorder

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Addressing Quality of Care
December 2022
By Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar

Updated Guidance for Ketamine/Esketamine as treatment for mental health and chronic pain

The CPSS is updating the guidance to physicians regarding the use of Ketamine for mental health conditions and chronic pain in community settings.  READ MORE

Also in this issue:

Application for exemption under Bylaw 26.1 for Ketamine administration

Leaving Practice?

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Practice Update
December 2022
By: Nicole Bootsman, Pharmacist Manager, PRP/OATP

The List of PRP Medications at a Glance

Why monitor these medications? While it is likely intuitive that opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants and anabolic steroids are monitored medications, you may question some of the others.


Also in this issue:

List of SK OAT Physician Providers

Screening Mammogram Reports in eHR Viewer

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 Registration Times    Senior Life Designation


Renewal Status Update – where are we now?
This year's renewal report.

Licensure Renewal Myth Busting
Find out the truth about common renewal myths!

Congratulations on passing your Exam! Now, what do you do?
Have you recently sat a certifying exam?

Calling all Residents who are Completing Training in 2023!
Submit your Licensure application early!

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51 Recipients Honoured at November Awards Ceremony with Senior Life Designation

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The Council and the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan respectfully acknowledge
that the land on which we live and work is Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional territory & home of the Cree, Dakota, Saulteaux and Métis Nations. 
We would like to affirm our relationship with one another now and for the future,
and our role in guiding the profession to achieve the highest standards of care to benefit all people in this territory equally.

DocTalk Volume 9, Issue 4

 2022- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan


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Caro Gareau
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