Product, Procedure and Other Advisories

Last update: August 31, 2022

This page will include position statements and other notifications from the College and other health organisations concerning updates to expectations involving various medical products and procedures.  

CPSS Advisories and Position Statements

CPSS statement on Physicians Planning to Provide Abortions on US patients (22/07)

In Saskatchewan physicians must have insurance to maintain licensure. (See also CMPA statement)

  • The CMPA has advised that it will only provide assistance for physicians performing abortions on US patients in limited circumstances;
  • The CPSS requires physicians to have liability protection in order to practice medicine in Saskatchewan;
  • Physicians who intend to provide abortions on US patients must therefore make additional insurance arrangements for coverage when providing abortions on US patients.

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs) (CPSS/SRNA/SCPP) (21/06)
Ketamine/Esketamine administered in any form IV/Oral/Sublingual/Intranasal as treatment for mental health and chronic non-cancer pain diagnoses (21/01)
PRP Advisory - Drug Panel Update (20/02)
Medical Assistance in Dying
Mifegymiso - Information for the Prescribing Physician (17/09, updated 17/11 and 19/04)
Stem Cell Therapies (19/05))
Platelet Rich Therapies (19/11)

See also: CPSS Guidance for the Profession 

Provincial/National/International Advisories/Policies

Automatic Extension of Exception Drug Status (EDS) (SK Ministry of Health) ( (2022/07/18)
CMPA Extent of Assistance for Abortions Provided to Non-Residents
 (CMPA) (2022/06) (see also CPSS statement above)
Viral Respiratory Testing & Outbreak Testing Update (SHA) (2022/01/19)
Discontinue of Helicobacter pylori Serology Testing (SHA) (2022/01/18)
Inclusion of Physician Address on all Requisitions - Requirement (SHA) (2022/01/18)
Amendment to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Narcotic Control Regulations (Tramadol) (2021/12)
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information for Health Care Providers (SK Ministry of Health)
Drug and Vaccine Authorizations for COVID-19  (Health Canada portal)
Reporting of Deaths within 30 days of immunization as AEFIs (SK Ministry of Health) (2021/03)
2021 Tick Submissions for Identification and Testing Letter (2021/04) Poster

Emerging Public Health Issues

COVID-19 (SK Ministry of Health)
Monkeypox (SK Ministry of Health)

Please also be aware of the advisories and services by the following organisations:

Policy Brief and Consolidated Guidelines on HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STI Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care for Key Populations (WHO)
Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP)

Safe Medication Use - Help Prevent Medication Errors (Health Canada) 
MedEffect Canada - Advisories and Recalls (Health Canada)
Health Product InfoWatch (Health Canada)
Canada Vigilance adverse reaction online database (Health Canada)
The Drug and Health Product Register - Summary Safety Reviews (Health Canada)