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Does the College have information about doctors who are taking new patients?
No, the College does not have this information. Most Regional Health Authorities maintain a list of family doctors who are taking new patients. Please see the Ministry of Health website for information about Regional Health Authorities, including links to their websites and contact information.

How do I look up information about a doctor?
You can find information about a doctor's office address, education, qualifications, specialty, licensing and discipline history by using the Physician Search box found on the top left of every website page. You may search for a last name, or a last name followed by a comma and one or more letters of the first name. 

How do I make a complaint about a doctor?
Please see the Complaints section of this website for information on how to file a complaint about a doctor. A brochure and complaints form are also available for downloading. You may also speak with a staff member in the Complaints Department of the College by calling 306-244-7355 or 1-800-667-1668.

Is there a Code of Ethics that doctors must follow?
Yes, the Code of Ethics for Saskatchewan physicians are embedded in the Regulatory Bylaws.

My doctor has left practice. How do I find my health records?
Your doctor may have transferred your records to another doctor in the same clinic. You should inquire at your doctors clinic if it's still open and operating. If the clinic is closed, the records may have been transferred to another clinic or they may have been placed in storage. The College might have information on file regarding the location of your doctor's records. Please contact the College at 306-244-7355 for assistance.

Am I entitled to a copy of my health records?
Yes, with very few exceptions patients are entitled to a copy of their health records. You should make a formal request for your health records at the clinic or hospital where your records are located. You will probably be asked to sign a written authorization. Please see the section on Privacy of Health Information on this website for more details.

Will I be charged a fee to obtain a copy of my health records?
Doctors are permitted to charge a reasonable fee to cover time and material costs. A fee guide can be found in the Introduction/Preamble and A1 sections of the Saskatchewan Medical Association Relative Fee Guide.

Does the College have a list of doctors who prescribe medical cannabis (marijuana, marihuana)?
No, the College does not have a list. Any licenced doctor in Saskatchewan is permitted to prescribe medical cannabis, however no doctor is required to prescribe medical cannabis if he or she chooses not to do so. Certain conditions of the College must be followed when medical cannabis is prescribed by a doctor. Please see the medical cannabis section of this website for more information.    

What do all the abbreviations and acronyms on this website mean?
At the bottom of individual physician profiles you will find quick reference definitions of some commonly used terms in the area of registration and licencing. You can also view a more complete list of definitions on the Glossary of Terms page. If you come across a term that you would like to see defined, please email us at and we will consider adding it to the glossary.

Can I attend the public open sessions of the Council of the College? Where do I obtain information about past and upcoming meetings?
The public is invited to attend the open sessions of Council, space permitting. Please see the Council Overview page for more information. Open session agendas of past and upcoming meetings, as well as executive summaries of past meetings can be found on the Council Meetings  page. You may also view a Calendar of events and meetings.