There are several ways that the public and our colleagues in healthcare can contribute to helping us fulfill our mission and commitment to the people of Saskatchewan!  Below are some examples.

Help us develop healthy public policy!

From time to time, the CPSS relies on members of the public to serve on committees (including Council), focus groups and to respond to surveys!  Here are some ways you can take an active role in helping the profession achieve the highest standards of care!

  • - Submit your name to the Ministry of Health's Partnership and Workforce Planning Department to be part of a pool of candidates for appointment to Council as a Public Member or to one of its committees. (Be sure to include any expertise/background you may have to contribute that would be an asset!) Candidates will be selected by Order-in-Council issued by the Lieutenant-Governor.   Indigenous and visual minorities are welcome to apply.

  • - Send an email to the Registrar's Office indicating your interest in being part of a pool of candidates to sit on one of Council's committees (or focus groups).  Summarize any expertise/background you may have to contribute that would be an asset.  If there is a vacancy and your name is selected, you will be contacted for your CV.  Council will then appoint an appropriate candidate.

  • - Respond to the College's consultations and surveys  on a variety of topics!

  • - Can't find what you're looking for on our website?  Send us your ideas on what could be useful information for the public to have access to!

  • - Do you have an idea for an initiative or collaboration that fits within our mission and visionTell us!


There are currently no positions available on College committees.  Check back soon!


Attend events!

Can I attend the public open sessions of the Council of the College? Where do I obtain information about past and upcoming meetings?

The public is invited to attend the open sessions of Council, space permitting. Please see the 
Council Overview page for more information.  Open session agendas of past and upcoming meetings, as well as executive summaries of past meetings can be found on the Council Meetings  page. You may also view a Calendar
 of events and meetings.

Tell us what your doctor is doing right!

Did your doctor say or do something that you thought was amazing?  Does he or she make you feel welcome and well-cared-for?  Tell us!

That way, we can share the good news as well as give better tips to doctors on how they can improve their practice to better serve you! 

Send in a compliment about something your doctor did that shows exemplary care!