What the CPSS CANNOT do (For Patients)

The CPSS strives to fulfill its mandate of serving the public by regulating the practice of medicine and guiding the profession to achieve the highest standards of care.  It licenses physicians, drafts bylaws, policies and guidelines, and ensures quality of care for the medical services provided.  However, there are a number of things that the CPSS cannot do for patients.

Some aspects of healthcare are not part of this mandate, often due to legislation (such as medical and privacy legislation), best medical practice, or equitable access to healthcare, or because of the regulatory nature of the organisation.  

Can the College tell my physician to prescribe a certain treatment?
The College expects physicians to adhere to our bylaws, standards, guidelines and policies. The expectation would be that physicians use their clinical judgement and we do not dictate clinical practice. The College does not provide diagnoses or treatment recommendations or direct the specifics of patient care.

Can the College refer me to see a specialist?
The College does not get involved in the referral process, and is not engaged in any clinical practice.

Can the College expedite my appointment for physician appointments, tests or surgery?
The College does not facilitate or get involved in the operational issues of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, physicians or private institutions providing medical services.

Does the College provide financial compensation related to complaints or discipline issues?
The College cannot provide, direct or influence the payment of financial compensation on a patient’s behalf.

Does the College regulate or have power over any other healthcare provider?
The College only regulates physicians and surgeons. The College cannot assist with concerns or complaints about hospitals, or other health care providers such as nurses, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, psychologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, or any other health professional that is not a registered physician or surgeon – these concerns should be directed to the appropriate organization or regulatory authority.

Can the College resolve my complaint about a physician without getting the physician involved?
The College cannot resolve complaints without offering the physician the opportunity to respond.

Can the College provide me with my health records?
The College cannot obtain or provide you with your health records. These are kept by your physician or the institution where the records were generated, for example the hospital or health region.

Does the College have a list of physicians accepting new patients?
The College does not keep a list of physicians accepting patients.  This can be obtained from the Saskatchewan Health Authority. 

Does the College have a list of Cannabis Prescribers?
The College does not keep a list of "cannabis prescribers".  For information on medical cannabis prescribing, click here.


Additionally, the CPSS CANNOT:

  • - Find a physician for patients upon request, or recommend a family doctor
  • - Improve wait times
  • - Order surgery bumping
  • - Influence your doctor's medical diagnosis
  • - Provide a second opinion on your medical diagnosis
  • - Submit Worker's Compensation Claims on your behalf
  • - Manage ambulance services & billing
  • - Influence or make patient referrals
  • - Influence prescribing
  • - Determine best medical practice (except in rare circumstances)
  • - Put patients in contact with an elder
  • - Provide interpretation services
  • - Share personal and private information about physicians or patients
  • - Confirm or deny whether a complaint has been filed with the CPSS
  • - Provide physician email lists to third parties (we may, however, provide a conventional mailing list with physical clinic addresses)
  • - Forward emails from third parties to physician email addresses (except where it may be urgently necessary for public protection)
  • - Provide services for private law suits against physicians