Your Visit at the Doctor

Your Visit at the Doctor's Office

Preparing for your appointment

It is recommended that you arrive 15-20 minutes early for your appointment to allow for check in and any measurements that are done by staff before you see the doctor.  Have your Saskatchewan Health card with you, as well as a list of your medications if you are a new patient.  

If you have a virtual appointment (via telephone or internet), you can find tips on how to prepare in the CMA Virtual Care Guide (PDF) or in the Online Patient Guide.

During your visit

Your doctor will usually take a medical history related to the visit, perform an examination, and discuss recommendations for tests, treatment or follow up with you.  Be aware that you may need to undress for parts of the exam, and that you have the right to request the presence of a chaperone.  There should be an opportunity for you to ask questions or to inform your doctor of specific concerns.

Doctors in Training

Sometimes there is a doctor-in-training present at your visit.  Although you have the right to refuse the participation of this individual, keep in mind that the trainee is under the supervision of your physician and that clinical experience is a critical aspect of the training of our new doctors.


The presence of a chaperone requires your consent.  However, in the case of physicians for whom the College has mandated the use of a chaperone, patients do not have an option, other than to choose another physician.

Communication Barriers

Physicians in Saskatchewan may not discriminate or refuse care on the basis of cultural or other Human Rights characteristics.  You should inform your physician if there are factors which may influence the examination, interaction or treatment. 

If an interpreter is required, an approved translator is preferred over a family member.  This can be arranged in advance through several agencies including the
Regina Open Door Society, Saskatoon Open Door Society, CanTalk, the Prince Albert YWCA, or the Réseau Santé en français de la Saskatchewan.   The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan also offers a list of qualified independent language professionals.

What services can my doctor charge for?

A complete list of uninsured services (services your doctor can charge you for that aren't covered by your health card) can be found in Section A1 of the SMA Fee Schedule.  These include treatments which are cosmetic or not medically-necessary, transfer of medical records, form completion, and missed appointments.  Some forms requested by third parties, such as employers or insurance companies, are charged to the patient.

For further information, please also see the CPSS policy on
 Uninsured Services .

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