Your Visit at the Doctor

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Ethics & Guidelines

What is Quality of Care?

Your physician is expected to provide care that meets the standards of the profession with regards to thorough assessment; appropriate examination; evidence-based treatment; provision of follow up; respectful and informative communication and adequate record-keeping.  Primary Care Standards

Code of Ethics & Other Guidelines

In addition to The Medical Profession Act, 1981 , your doctor is required to practice in accordance with a number of bylawspolicies, standards, and guidelines  which are based on the Code of Ethics  .

The objective of these is to ensure that physicians in the province provide a high standard of care in a safe and respectful manner.

Patient Responsibilities

Patients are expected to behave in a respectful manner with physicians and office staff.  Physical or verbal abuse are not tolerated in workplaces and can be grounds for termination from a physician’s practice. 

In order to provide the best care to you, your doctor needs you to be honest and complete in providing medical information, including any changes you have made to your treatments and medications.  In addition, if you have seen other doctors between visits to your regular doctor, it is in your best interest to inform your doctor and mention any results or treatments at those visits. 

Try your best to attend your appointments, or to notify your doctor’s office if you are unable to make it. Missed appointments waste time that could have been used by another patient.

Recordings of any type should be discussed with the doctor, as there are situations where recordings may infringe on the privacy rights of other patients.

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