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Patient Safety

Facilities in our health region have processes for infection control, safety checklists, waiting time management and regulation of other areas of concern for patient safety.  Systemic processes and policies of Saskatchewan Health Region facilities are not under the direct oversight of the College.  Physicians are expected to adhere to standards of safe practice as outlined in our Bylaws, Policies and Code of Ethics.  

How does the College ensure patient safety?

Medical care in Saskatchewan is highly regulated, with quality of care and patient safety the primary goals.  There are a number of advisory committees and quality assurance programs associated with the College.  These include diagnostic imaging  and laboratory quality assurance  programs, regulation of standards for non-hospital facilities , and the Practice Enhancement Program, through which practices are audited and improvements implemented.

The Quality of Care department at the College handles complaints against physicians.  These relate to concerns about the conduct, care or practice management of a physician.  More serious matters may be addressed as discipline issues.  More information can be found under Complaints.

All physicians are bound by our Code of Ethics, Bylaws, and our Policies, Standards and Guidelines.  These are frequently reviewed and sometimes amended to remain current and applicable to practice. 

Physician Profiles

Information about physicians and their qualifications is available through the Physician Search Tool in the top menu box on the left hand side of the CPSS website.
Searching for Information about Physicians 

Prescription Safety

To maximize patient safety, the Prescription Review Program monitors physician prescribing to assess for optimal prescribing practices. The PRP Pharmacists provide supportive and educational information, as well as individualized recommendations based on Canadian standards/guidelines and current evidence-based best practice for management consideration. The pharmacists may also provide suggestions to physicians on ways to reduce misuse of medication.

For Patient Medication Self-Management Safety Recommendations see:
 Patient Medication Safety Tips

More on Patient Safety

Other organisations across Saskatchewan also work hard to ensure patient safety.  Some of these are: 

Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Choosing Wisely 
Saskatchewan Health Authority
Saskatchewan Health Quality Council

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