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2023-10-20      PRP Advisory: Fentanyl, benzodiazepines, and xylazine detected in a second substance tested at the Nēwo Yōtina Friendship Centre’s Drug Checking site in Regina

2023-10-18      PRP Advisory: 
Fentanyl and xylazine detected in a substance tested at the Nēwo Yōtina Friendship Centre’s Drug Checking site in Regina

2023-06-06       PRP Advisory:
Presence of Bromazolam detected (Moose Jaw area)

2023-02-09       PRP Advisory:
 Presence of Desalkylgidazepam (primary) and Fentanyl/Bromazolam/Caffeine (co-occurring) detected (Estevan area)

Dr. Grant Stoneham, MD FRCPC, Named Registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan

2022-11-09       PRP Advisory:
Drug Alert Bromofentanyl with etizolam/flubromazepam/caffeine (North Battleford area)

2022-02-07       PRP Advisory:
 Drug Alert Flubromazolam/Caffeine (Regina area)

2022-02-07       PRP Advisory:
Drug Alert Meclonazepam Fentanyl Etizolam Caffeine (Regina area)

Dr. John Froh receives Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award for 2021

2021-11-18       PRP Advisory: 
Drug Alert N-pyrrolidino Etonitazene Advisory (Saskatoon area)

2021-11-15       PRP Advisory:
 Drug Alert Flubromazepam (Kindersley area)

2021-03-31       PRP Advisory:
Drug Alert Etizolam-Fentanyl (Craik area)

2021-03-30       PRP Advisory:
Drug Alert Flualprazolam/Fentanyl/Caffeine (Swift Current area)

2021-01-26       Drug Advisory:
Controlled Drug Alert- Furanyl/Fentanyl/Heroin/Caffeine/Phenacetin (Regina)

Dr. Dennis A Kendel Distinguished Service Award for 2020 presented to Dr. Chris Ekong 

2020-10-06       Dr. Karen Shaw Receives Medical Council of Canada Top Honor for 2020

  OAT during the COVID-19 Outbreak

2020-02-26       OATP Advisory:
Etiziolam (Regina)

        PRP Advisory:  Drug Panel Update

Dr. Bruce Cload presented with Kendel Award / 17 Physicians Receive Award for 40 Years of Service in SK

Two New Physician Members Elected to Council

Dr. Morris Markentin Receives Kendel Award / 24 Physicians Receive Award for 40 Years of Service

CPSS Welcomes Three New Public Members to Council

2018-01-23        PRP Advisory:
Drug Alert - Carfentanil found in Regina, SK [UPDATED JANUARY 24, 2018]

Dr. Susan Shaw Recognized for Outstanding Leadership at 6th Annual Kendel Award Reception

CPSS Welcomes New Public Member to Council

Media Advisory:  3rd Annual Opioid Substitution Therapy Conference

2017-01-13         PRP Advisory:  Drug Alert - W-18 found in Kerrobert, SK

2017-01-13         New Physician Member Elected to CPSS Council

2016-06-11         Regina Surgeon Receives Prestigious Prize: the Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award

2016-06-02         Medical Assistance in Dying - Letter to Physicians

 CPSS Council elects new President

 Medical Aid for Syrian Refugees: Joint letter to physicians from the CPSS and the SMA

2015-12-04         New Pharmacist Manager Joins Prescription Review Program at CPSS

2015-11-23         Two Saskatoon physicians receive top honors: the Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award
 CPSS Council Approves Policy on Physician-Assisted Dying
                            (Click here for full text of Physician-Assisted Dying policy)

Policy on Conscientious Objection Approved by CPSS Council

 CPSS Welcomes New Public Member to Council

 CPSS Welcomes New Legal Counsel to Staff

 New Physician Search function to aid in locating Saskatchewan physicians
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2015-04-22          Saskatchewan now on board with national portal streamlining path to Canadian medical registration
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  Thirst for resources on Opioid Substitution Therapy made obvious by CPSS conference success 

2015-04-15          CPSS to assist FNIHB in addressing addictions issues 

2015-02-06          Supreme Court Ruling - Physician-Assisted Dying - CPSS Statement
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2015-01-19          New President Elected to Council

2014-11-21          CPSS presents Dr. William L. Albritton with the Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award