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In keeping with the principles of openness and transparency, the governing Council of the College has deemed certain information about physicians to be in the public domain. Physician Search, located in the menu to the left, is available to the public to look up information regarding a physician's main office address, office telephone numbers, medical education, qualifications, specialty, language proficiencies, license history, and discipline history.  

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We currently do not have information about family physicians who are accepting new patients. Please see our alternate suggestion in Frequently Asked Questions

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 Notice of CPSS Council AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the CPSS will be held as indicated below. Physicians, residents, students and members of the public are invited to attend.  Click here to view the agenda.

Date:               Friday, November 20, 2020
Time:               12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Place:               Online conference via Webex

Please RSVP to OfficeOfTheRegistrar@cps.sk.ca  if you plan to attend or if you have any questions.

 Project Echo Chronic Pain Management Webinar Series 2020
  Management of Chronic Pain  (Webinar Series)
Have you registered yet? It's FREE!  Details
Nov 4 - Tapering, Switching and Stopping Opioids
Nov 18 - Opioid Agonist Therapy- Standards, Guidelines, benefits, Risks
Dec 9 -
 Sleep and Pain


 2020-21 Renewal Cycle
 Physicians: Click on the links below to access our Renewal guide and FAQs.  Please refer to your email to find the personalized link for you to begin your renewal.




 MCC Top Honor Awarded to Dr. K. Shaw
The Council of the CPSS is extremely proud to see one if its own, Dr. Karen Shaw, CPSS Registrar, awarded the Medical Council of Canada's Dr. Louis Levasseur Distinguished Service Award for 2020 on October 4, 2020, for her extraordinary contribution to the vision and mission of the MCC.

 Intubation Hood Safety Alert (SHA)
As a result of a review, a safety alert will be issued by the SHA advising SHA personnel and practitioners that the use of any intubation hood should cease immediately.  Details

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 DocTalk 2020 - Issue 2
DocTalk 2020 - Issue 2 is a mini-issue of DocTalk featuring COVID-themed articles on: CPSS response to the Pandemic, Wise PRP Prescribing during COVID-19, Physician Health, Indigenous Wellness Practice Resources, and Health Science Students Supporting Healthcare Professionals.

... and much more!


Do you have a topic you'd like to see or talk about in our next issue?  Click here to send us your suggestions! (Deadline to submit material for the next issue is September 30, 2020!)

Dr. Bruce Cload
of Saskatoon on being the

of the Dr. Dennis A. Kendel
Distinguished Service Award!


Nominate a colleague you find deserving
of this prestigious award!
Deadline for nominations is
September 30, 2020  
For information and a nomination package,
click here, or email Office of the Registrar.