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 2020 CPSS Annual Report Now Available

Following an extraordinary year that changed everything about how we live, work and play, the Council and the CPSS are pleased to present to you the 2020 Annual Report of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. 

    Click on the link below
to view the full animated report:

 2020 Annual Report

 Call for Nominations - Kendel Award
The CPSS is now accepting nominations for the 2021 edition of the prestigious DR. DENNIS A. KENDEL DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.

This award is intended to recognize and honour an individual who has made outstanding contributions in Saskatchewan to physician leadership and/or to physician engagement in quality improvements in healthcare. 

There is still time to nominate the candidate of your choice!  But hurry - the deadline is September 30!  (Note:  At least one nominator must be a physician.)

Click here for the complete NOMINATION PACKAGE

 Ivermectin and COVID-19
Joint Message about Ivermectin in the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

Ivermectin is an anthelmintic approved in Canada for veterinary and human use. In humans, ivermectin is only approved for treatment of parasitic infections (oral) and rosacea (topical).
The most effective strategy for preventing COVID-19 continues to be immunization and all Saskatchewan Ministry of Health approved vaccines provide a high level of protection.  Physicians need to be aware of the CPSS policy on complementary medicine and must not provide care that does not meet the expected standard of the medical profession.  
Read FULL MEMO here

 Implementing and issuing the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)

Effective June 29, 2021, the MCC has introduced a new service to be able to grant the LMCC to individuals who meet all of the criteria. Qualified candidates will also be enrolled in the Canadian Medical Register in accordance with the MCC’s existing Policy on Registration in the Canadian Medical Register. Click here to read more.

 CSAM Nomination to Board of Directors 2021

CSAM nominates Nicole Bootsman to Board of Directors

The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine has elected Nicole Bootsman, Pharmacy Manager of the Prescription Review Program and Opioid Agonist Therapy Program at the CPSS, to the 4-year term position of Board Member on its Board of Directors .  The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine is a national society of medical professionals and scientists committed to helping Canadians understand, accept, and recover from substance use disorders.  Congratulations, Nicole!  Click here for more information.

For Physicians


 DocTalk 2021 - Issue 2

DocTalk 2021 - Vol 8 Issue 2
 features articles on:
     Increased clarity on expectations for Medical Practice Coverage
     - Malignant Pathology - Managing Test Results
     - NEW Canadian Opioid Use Disorder Guideline
     - A Shift in Approach to Screening, Reporting and Monitoring Blood-borne Viruses
     - Physicians and the Duty to Report Physician Impairment
     - New policies and bylaws

and much more!


Do you have a topic you'd like to see or talk about in our next issue?  Click here to send us your suggestions! (Deadline to submit material for the next issue is mid-September, 2021.)

Dr. Bruce Cload
of Saskatoon on being the

of the Dr. Dennis A. Kendel
Distinguished Service Award!


Nominate a colleague you find deserving
of this prestigious award!
Deadline for nominations is
September 30, 2020  
For information and a nomination package,
click here, or email Office of the Registrar.