GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-12  Council Linkage with Other Organizations

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: June 25, 2010

1.    Government

 1.1. The Council shall ensure that the College’s interests are represented to governments and government agencies.

 2.   College Membership in Other Organizations

 2.1. The Council shall consider the merits of membership in other organizations annually.  This consideration shall include, but not be limited to:

 2.1.1.  The degree to which participation in the organization will further the Ends of the College

 2.1.2.  The benefits to the College of membership compared to the cost of membership.

 3.   Appointments to External Policy or Advisory Committees

 3.1. Upon request for College appointments to external committees, the Council will assess whether such representation is appropriate within the Council’s stated policies and current priorities.  If this assessment is positive, the Council will appoint appropriate representatives.  Issues of confidentiality, information sharing and College support shall be discussed and agreed upon by the committee’s chair, the College’s appointee, and the Registrar.

 3.2. The College’s appointee shall provide information reports as appropriate, to be determined by the Council at the time of appointment.

 3.3. Since the College appointee is representing the Council, the appointee shall be kept informed of current Council policies that might affect deliberations of the Committee in question.  Any representations made on behalf of the Council shall adhere to the stated policies of the Council.  Any issues requiring the statement of a new policy position on the part of the Council shall be brought to the Council for decision.


4.   Relationships with Other Organizations

 4.1. The Council shall identify other organizations with which it requires good working relationships in order to achieve its Ends.  It will establish mechanisms for maintaining open communication with these organizations.  Such mechanisms may include, but are not limited to:

 4.1.1.  Inviting representatives of the Councils or Boards of those organizations to Council meetings.

 4.1.2.  Meeting jointly with other Councils and Boards on occasion.

 4.1.3.  Requesting the Registrar to establish linkages at a staff level, and to report on areas of mutual interest and activity.

 4.1.4   Attendance by the Chairperson or designate at official functions of organizations.